Over the last few week’s you may have seen the dialogue and articles on social media about the importance leadership can play during this uncertain and difficult period.  We know that’s its challenging enough to manageyourself, your workload and the demands of children and families whilst in lockdown without having to also adapt your management style to a new context. But its important you can play a huge role in supporting the wellbeing of your teams and helping them adjust . They will remember how you led them and how you made them feel.

It has been wonderful to hear of all the team virtual activities that have been taking place over the past couple of weeks. Please keep sharing your suggestions, pictures and any remote events to Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.

Here are a couple more ideas ?

The most important thing to remember when you are in a virtual meeting is the fact that...you are in a meeting.

The general approach to a virtual meeting should be the same approach to an in-person meeting, therefore, there are several main do’s and don’ts of video conference etiquette: 

Small wins for your wellbeing - keeping a positive attitude during isolation

Keeping a positive attitude during social isolation can be difficult. Here are a few small things you can do to help yourself: 

You might already know, but we are glad to start by telling you that our Customer Support Team has won multiple awards in Romanian Betting & Gaming industry, adding to this list of accolades its first international trophy in 2019 at the C.E.E.G.C. Budapest 2020, the most important award ceremony in the Central & Eastern Europe.

Each week we will also share with you a department and the role it plays within our organisation. This week its our very own team. Human Resources!

This situation is new to all of us and requires new habits and a bit of creative thinking about our psychological well-being. Now that many of us are forced to work remotely, some of us have to take care of young and old family members during working hours, are feeling anxious or isolated, are separated from loved ones, and have limited options for regular physical exercise and social activities. So we must think differently and creatively about new ways to keep a healthy mind and body.

For our company Learning & Development is a fundamental principle and this is why we learn every day: whether on the job, sharing the know-how with our colleagues or through training programs.

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