If you`re thinking about Wall Street, stock markets and brokers working frantically to make the highest profit until the day closes you`d be right, but what if I`d tell you there is a Super way of trading?

Join us in a new weekly SuperJourney and discover exclusive details about one of our colleagues. This week is somebody else than you. But next week... it might be about you!

The current crisis may serve as a trigger for individuals to reflect on who benefits from their work and how they are making a difference, particularly as they are facing many conflicting priorities at home.  

One of the biggest elements that separate remote teams from in-house teams, are the simple chats that happen on the office floor. These happen so naturally in the office, you might think nothing of them at all – but they’re actually huge team-building blocks. Thankfully, you can recreate this remotely, and there are a few options to facilitate this kind of team building.

Getting the most out of the 1:1s

A 1:1s is a dedicated place in a calendar and a mental map for a conversation between a leader and his/her team members. In contrast to the tactical meetings, business reviews or status reports, 1:1 meeting is a place for coaching, mentorship, giving context, or even venting.

In previous issues, we were writing a lot about how to maintain your mental health. In the next ones, we'll focus on your physical health. Three factors that impact your physical health the most are food, sleep and excercise. Let's start with the easiest one – food.

Each week we will share with you a department and the role it plays within our organisation. This week its Business Intelligence and we’ll get to see a day in their lives!

Each week we will also share with you a department and the role it plays within our organisation. This week its Marketing Department!.

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