The last part of Martina’s trilogy is about physical activity. While in some of our operating countries, the pandemic has weakened and sports facilities have reopened, in others, like the UK, the measures are still fairly strong. However, regardless of the measures taken, for most of us there is one thing that always remains the same - sitting in front of our computers most of the day.

Super-Job Proud Nominee at HR Excellence Gala 2020!
This week we have a surprise. A project that involves more departments from retail & online divisions of Superbet. Initial a recruitment tool, it became a community of Superbetters and soon to be Superbetters. A place where we promote our values, celebrate our successes, join forces for CSR campaigns and show off in a nice and constructive way how does he Superbet life looks and feels. 

Today we give you in “Getting to Know” – Marcello Magaletti.

Join us in a new weekly SuperJourney. You’ll never guess his favourite team and favourite song :) . And please feel free to add new questions that you find interesting, Luck13 might become Lucky 15, or Lucky 20, you decide what you want to know about your fellows Superbeters.

Strategic thinking
Strong leaders practice strategic communications in every interaction, be it a full-day meeting, an hour-long meeting, a sales call, a one-on-one check-in, or even an email. But communicating virtually requires even more strategic planning because you can’t rely as much on human connection or charisma to carry you.

Recognition and appreciation
To survive this period, Covid-19 has forced companies to re-evaluate their strategy, restructure teams and ultimately reprioritise what is essential and what is not. Having a clear sense of purpose is vital to achieving successful virtual engagement.

Soft & Hard Skills
Linkedin looked at the skills that are in the highest demand in 2020 ( LinkedIn 2020 Workplace Learning Report) and here are the findings:

In our last newsletter, we decided to focus on physical health and started with healthy nutrition. In this issue, we'll continue with sleep.

As you probably know, sleep is precious. A lot of studies have shown that not getting enough sleep increases a risk of developing serious medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

If you`re thinking about Wall Street, stock markets and brokers working frantically to make the highest profit until the day closes you`d be right, but what if I`d tell you there is a Super way of trading?

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