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Today we give you in “Getting to Know” – Sacha Dragic – And please feel free to add new questions that you find interesting, Luck13 might become Lucky 15, or Lucky 20, you decide what you want to know about your fellows Superbeters.

First job
Technician in a sawmill in a small town in Serbia

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up
If I remember well my first dream was to become a professional football player

Describe yourself in 3 words
Fair (i think and try :)) ) adaptable and stubborn (hopefully good way :)) ). It was difficult to choose the third between stubborn and patient :)). I can wait (very) long when I want something (very) badly :)))

Favourite Sport
Football, normal for a “balkanese” :)

Favourite Sports team
I can't have just one as I feel part of 2 countries so Red Star Belgrade and Rapid Bucharest

Favourite holiday destination
Summer in Croatia and winter skiing in Italy

Favourite song
41 by Dave Mathews Band and followed by Where the Streets have no name U2, so definitely rock and blues :))

Favourite film or TV series
Movie Highlander (i like that “it can be only one” :)) ) and tv series Seinfeld

Who do you admire the most
Few guys and a lady I closely work or worked before know how much I admire them, Warren Buffett and Craig McCaw would be kind of business model admiration, but if I don't mention my cofounder and long-time right hand “guy”  and wife :))) Augusta it would be unfair (and probably dangerous :))) ). All old Superbeters know how crucial her work was for us in many critical situations.

Worst habit
I like to complicate things, everywhere :)))

If you could be an animal what would it be
Maybe wolf, as Ii think that you need to be team player, or crocodile, as you need to be patient, or maybe tiger (because it's too mainstream to want a be a lion) / I warned you that I like complications :)))

Whisky, Wine, Gin or Beer
An easy one, only red wine

What are you scared of
How can you ask a Serbian such question :)))?

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