Happy return in Poland!

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We are glad to spread the good news that all is fine in Poland, the first country where we have reopened our retail shops. All the measures we have taken to have our team & clients safe worked.

We have reopened 48 stores on 15.05.2020 - of course, following all government recommendations and key safety rules such as masks, disinfectant liquids and disposable gloves. On May 13 and May 14 general cleaning and preparation of stores to government guidelines took place. Polish Superbetters came back stronger and with an inspiring willingness to work after a 2-month forced pause. They appreciate that in such a difficult time for the whole country and the world they received remuneration on time even during a pandemic. Clients have also appreciated our efforts and Superbet gains more trust with every new ticket placed. Our brand ambassador in Poland, Jerzy Dudek helps us to establish Superbet as the betting partner to whom you can achieve performances as the legendary Polish goalkeeper has achieved.

Another good news for all of us is that since we returned fully operational in retail in Poland, we have also opened 2 new retail shops: one in Wrocław and one in Poznań, plus one franchise in Czechowice-Dziedzic

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