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Binge eLearning goodies for all Superbetters!
English speaking Superbetters living and working in Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, England, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Poland and Serbia can use “SUPERBETPENTRUTINE” code to register and watch materials on Romania’s biggest eLearning platform on sports marketing:

Professionals, world champions, worldwide famous clubs’ case studies and many more.
Register (ask for the help of a Romanian colleague - this way you might also win a new friend!) and surf this new kingdom of eWisdom opened for you!

Written &/ subtitled in English:

  • Liga 1 in Google & Facebook Age
  • Volunteering and major sports events
  • Raifeissen Bank Bucharest 3x3 Basketball challenge
  • Brandfinance Football 50 - The annual Report of the World’s Most Valuable Football Brands
  • Manchester City Digital and E-commerce Strategy
  • Sport Impact Study - Football is more economic than detergent
    (An analysis on return on investment for football as a media vehicle.)
  • Panathinaikos Basketball Club Ticketing Department
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Fenerbahce Ülker - Marketing Campaign
    (insights about sponsorships activation, fan messages, social media, TV program, Arena 360 and matchday activities.)
  • Euroleague - Crvena Zvezda - Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Amateur involved in sports: Global blogging & vlogging
  • Boca Juniors - a global business
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