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Super-Job Proud Nominee at HR Excellence Gala 2020!
This week we have a surprise. A project that involves more departments from retail & online divisions of Superbet. Initial a recruitment tool, it became a community of Superbetters and soon to be Superbetters. A place where we promote our values, celebrate our successes, join forces for CSR campaigns and show off in a nice and constructive way how does he Superbet life looks and feels. 

Backed by Augusta Dragic, with the energy and ambition of Andreea Ciubuc, with the experience of Superbet’s Social Media Manager Horia Nistor, the wisdom of Cristian Gheorghiță, the pen of Alex Molico, the visuals of Alin Cozachevici, the content fairy Elena Silvia Oprea, the junior Adrian Soloman, with the support of the retail training department led by Carmen Ionescu, Super-Job redefined the way our industry engages in online with it’s employees. Super-Job managed to become a true successful experiment, because everything that the team achieved was due to a collaboration between our retail and online divisions, by - let’s call them - original Superbetters and Superbetters who joined on the way. Juniors, Seniors, managers from different departments contributed with ideas and actions to support the development of this project that brought the digitalisation of recruitment management to our organisation.
The members of the team showed resilience and managed to transform Super-Job in more than a recruitment vehicle. Super-Job became also a community and it’s a project that is experiencing continuous optimisations. The Facebook Page and the Insta page became hot spots for Superbet culture, fuelled by the pride of working for the no.1 company in Romanian Betting & Gaming industry.  
Aprox 20% of Superbet new hirings in 2019 came through Super-Job! 3119 applications, 1372 interviews, 513 selected candidates are just the tip of an iceberg that Super-Job is. 
Up till now, more than 180000 people have interactions with Super-Job’s content and the organic reach has passed 2.000.000 people!
During Lockdown. Super-Job acted as the place where all our retail team meet with fellow Superbetters and felt that we are still one united family. The figures remained high. Our followers grew with 13% between March 16 and May 25 with 688 new followers, total daily reach cumulated is around 500000 (peak was with 65823), daily engagement is 33 834 people (6820 the peak). Also, an important KPI very “hot & fresh” is the Total Viral Reach between March 16 and May 25 (people who are not fans of the page but saw Super-Job Posts): 382356. This happened with the implication of all our people in agencies that helped spread the Super-Job news.
We all hope to see Super-Job in other territories where Superbet operates and will operate and are happy because we know the will work together with a lot of Superbetters who will bring their skills, experience and magic touch to the evolution of Super-Job!
On June 3rd, hope to see Super-Job winning at the Excellence in Romanian HR Gala. Fingers crossed!
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