Virtual Engagement

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Recognition and appreciation
To survive this period, Covid-19 has forced companies to re-evaluate their strategy, restructure teams and ultimately reprioritise what is essential and what is not. Having a clear sense of purpose is vital to achieving successful virtual engagement.

Recognition should be at the top of any managers agenda. However, it’s often overlooked and it’s easy to prioritise other areas, especially in the current climate. Where previously this might have happened organically during a meeting or at the desks in front of colleagues, now that we’re all working remotely, there’s an element to which this needs to be more thought-through.
It’s widely acknowledged that recognising and giving appreciation to an employee is very motivating, provides a sense of accomplishment and makes individuals feel valued for their work. A simple ‘well done to...’ or ‘this person has gone above and beyond today...’ can make a real difference, especially when you consider that quite a lot of people are isolating alone right now.

Learning and development, done remotely
Keeping minds stimulated is a bigger challenge than it sounds. It’s easy to think that a long list of to-dos, team video calls and a new-found love for housework would keep our minds satisfied, but this is nothing in comparison to the amount of stimulation our brains receive on a business as usual basis in busy offices, especially for those with the added chockablock commute.
Formulating ways to counterbalance the lack of brain stimulation should be a high priority on Covid-19 comms strategies.

A multi-media approach to communications
Covid-19 communications plans need to be varied and engaging for all employees. Team Monday morning virtual check-ins where business decisions are shared transparently gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions, feel valued and included.
Encouraging everyone to share photos, videos and work achievements can also connect a team and fuel social media content in a genuine, emotive way.

Recognition and appreciation is one of the most important factors during these “lockdown” period. We ourselves are forced to re-evaluate our strategy and restructure teams. Having a clear sense of purpose is vital to achieving successful virtual engagement. If you have more ideas or questions just contact Becki on Slack under “People Insider – Virtual Engagement”

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