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Soft & Hard Skills
Linkedin looked at the skills that are in the highest demand in 2020 ( LinkedIn 2020 Workplace Learning Report) and here are the findings:

Top 5 Soft Skills.
1. Creativity 
2. Persuasion
3. Collaboration
4. Adaptability
5. Emotional Intelligence
All skills that demonstrate how you work with others and bring new ideas to the table.

Top 5 Hard Skills
1. Blockchain
2. Cloud computing
3. Analytical reasoning
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. UX Design
Hard skills concern an employee’s ability to do a specific task, and soft skills are more about the way they do them — how they adapt, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions.

While hard skills are quite specific to a person’s role in the company, the top soft skills listed above are needed to be successful in nearly any role.

Here are some tips on how to hone each of these in-demand soft skills. 
Schedule "think time" alongside all your other to-do list tasks to make sure you are allocating time for creativity -- and the more time you practice this skill, the more readily the ideas will come. 
Tailor your communication style to the audience you're trying to persuade and don’t forget that it’s critical to take the time to think through their position in advance.
The next time you take on a group project, strike up a conversation about what success looks like, and who's doing what.
The ability to adapt to changing circumstances starts with a mindset that's willing to adapt to changing circumstances.
Emotional Intelligence
Empathy is essentially perspective-taking -- but when's the last time you actively asked someone for their point of view?

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Now it’s on you to start developing TOP needed skills in 2020! But you are not alone, Alina is here to help, so please share your thoughts and if you have any other questions just contact us on Slack under “People Insider – Your Learning Zone ”

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