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If you`re thinking about Wall Street, stock markets and brokers working frantically to make the highest profit until the day closes you`d be right, but what if I`d tell you there is a Super way of trading?

Our super traders team (aka Bookie team) does things a little bit different, brought together by their passion for sports and math (yes you`ve read that right ?) they work 24/7 all year long to bring our customers the best betting experience.

Why sports? Because you can`t do this job if you don`t eat sports for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Part of their daily work consists of reading sport journals and watch the sport news because they need information on everything that is happening with the teams, the players and the upcoming games. Any information be it related to the weather that day, physical and mental health of a player or other events can influence the quota of the game and they need to stay ahead of the game.

And why math? Well, because in their line of business the ability to calculate probabilities and see patterns is the key ingredient. Even though they use special platforms which provide sports betting data services we can`t solely rely on computer predictions and the human touch is needed in order to give that extra something that makes us Super. 

The Trading department is structured in 2 teams: pre-match and in-play.

Pre-match team as you`ve probably guessed is responsible for the configuration of the quotas until the game starts. Branko Savicevic who is a superbetter since 2011 in leading the 44 super traders of this team across 5 countries.

Croatia: Goran, Dubravko, Krešimir, Alan, Tomislav, Eduard, Petar, Branko Malta: Radovan, Ivan Poland: Michał, Daniel, Bartosz, Robert, Tomasz, Mateusz, Romania: Georgian, Cristina Maria, Andrei Alexandru, Gabriel Alexandru, Adrian, Alexandru, Adrian, Marcela Valentina, Ionut Iulian, Milan Aurelian, Stan Daniel, Alexandru Ionut, Mihai Andrei, Vladimir, Constantin Florin, Cristina Mihaela, Gheorghita, Irina Diana, Daniel, Serbia: Milos, Danko, Aleksandar, Dusan, Milan, Srdjan, Bozidar, Drazen.

In-play team has the task of monitoring and updating the quotas in real time during the game. Ivan Gojic joined Superbet in 2017 and since then he`s been leading the in-play team of 23 super traders.

Croatia: Josip, Ivan, Domagoj, Ivan, Gregori, Toni, Zvonimir, Zeljko, Nikola, Filip, Matija, Juraj, Goran, Josip, Vinko, Noa,  Zvonimir, Tomislav, Davorin, Krunoslav, Tomislav Serbia: Nebojsa, Ivan, Igor, Damir. 

Although the Trading department operates across multiple countries they are always connected through a live video stream in all locations, so we could say they are masters when it comes to staying connected even thou apart, a skill that we`re barely starting to learn during these difficult times.

But don`t think for a moment that sport, math and quotas is all they do, because it`s not. They are doing some detective work as well by checking all the placed bets and make sure everyone plays fair and by the rules. 

This super department never rests, not even when the whole world was placed on lock down, all sport competitions were put on hold and the players moved online. They found a way to entertain Superbet`s customers even during these times by introducing e-games betting where you can bet on game competitions like DOTA2, Counter-Strike, League of legends and others. Oh, and they have a fun side too, that`s why they do quotas for Presidential election, Oscar or Golden Globe.

I bet you never thought Trading could be so cool, but ours is, because it`s Super Trading!

Let`s see if you have the creative mind of a super trader and tell us:

What type of bets do you think will be trending at the end of COVID19 pandemic? (e.g. kilos gained during quarantine, hours spent on Netflix, the amount of money raised from fines)

Let us say a warm welcome to our new HR team member and People Insider columnist – Cristiana Dragulescu – HR Business Partner for Finance, Marketing, Trading, Risk & Legal. Her work starts with one of the most important, yet not so visible Department in Superbet, so if you want to know more about the people that are making sure we are not going to be a “charity organization” and keep 24/7 an open eye on all events around the world! So Cristiana will be our spoke person and she will answers for all your questions about trading if you just put it on Slack under “People Insider – Our Super Departments”

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