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Join us in a new weekly SuperJourney and discover exclusive details about one of our colleagues. This week is somebody else than you. But next week... it might be about you!


So, beginning with our 4-th issue of People Insider magazine, we are introducing this new and exciting column, at the request of millions of readers around the world who were eager to find details that you can’t find in social media or in other channels about colleagues that are leading Superbet. “And, what better way to start, than getting to know Johnny Harnett, our C.E.O. So, with no further introduction, here’s the naked truth revealed by the quickfire.

Lucky 13 questions:

1. First job
I had a job in a video shop (do they even exist now!) just after I left school. The ultimate in cushy college jobs watching movies.

2. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up
An astronaut. Couldn’t think of anything worse now!  

3. Describe yourself in 3 words
Loyal, Ebullient, Thirsty

4. Favourite Sport
Rugby. A thugs game played by gentlemen.  

5. Favourite Sports team
Ireland rugby team. There’s not a place on planet earth I wouldn’t be happy to go to see them play.  

6. Favourite holiday destination 
Rosslare is a small spot on the south east tip of Ireland where I have spent time every summer I’ve been alive. It’s my happy place. Given the sun doesn’t shine much in Ireland I have to pick an overseas spot as well. It has to be Sandy Lane in Barbados…..a little piece of heaven.  

7. Favourite song
I just checked my most played songs on Spotify and “Hello” from Martin Solveig is the most played so I’m guessing that’s my favourite song of the recent past. The fact Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York” is next most popular says more about the fact I have 2 daughters than my choice in music.  

8. Favourite film or TV series 
I’m currently watching the HBO series “Succession”. It’s an enjoyable car crash. “The Usual Suspects” is my all time favourite movie  

9. Who do you admire the most
It takes a special kind of wonderful to endure waking up beside me every day for 25 years so has to be my wife Nessa.  

10. Worst habit 
Impatience. I try really hard to improve it without a huge amount of success.  

11. If you could be an animal what would it be
What sort of question is this? I’m going to say a horse because I’ve owned a few slow ones so I could probably do a better job than some of them myself.  

12. Whisky, Wine, Gin or Beer
Difficult question for an Irishman! It’s a toss-up between a pint of Guinness or a glass of white wine.  

13. What are you scared of
My kids being unhappy

If you have any other Lucky questions, doubts, or if you know him differently, fell free to contact us on Slack under “People Insider – Lucky 13” All new cool – funny questions will be rewarded with Super emoji’s and for sure will help to make this column one of the most popular week by week!

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