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Getting the most out of the 1:1s

A 1:1s is a dedicated place in a calendar and a mental map for a conversation between a leader and his/her team members. In contrast to the tactical meetings, business reviews or status reports, 1:1 meeting is a place for coaching, mentorship, giving context, or even venting.

There’s broad consensus that the 1:1 is one of, if not the, most important meeting you can have as it facilitates the following things:
• Building a trust relationship
• Staying aligned and informed
• Addressing topics prone to getting lost in the daily tasks (such as career development)
• Creating meaningful conversations with employees

Usually when employees say that they crave more feedback, they mean that they want better feedback in the form of 1:1 conversation with their direct manager. By cancelling or neglecting 1:1s, we miss out on the opportunity to improve employee performance and positively impact the company culture. 

Tips& Tricks for an efficient 1:1:
Make 1:1 meetings a routine It doesn’t matter if it is 30 minutes or 1 hour, weekly, biweekly or monthly, just adjust the frequency and duration to make it work for you. Remember: keep these meetings sacred and reschedule only if necessary
Write things down Taking some time to write down what you want to discuss and what the outcome of the meeting was can make your 1:1s even more valuable Remember: Coming prepared to a meeting makes the 1:1s go smoothly.
The leader’s game plan: make sure employees fell heard, safe & empowered Remember: You can’t give constructive, direct, candid feedback without a context of human care.
Not a leader? 1:1s are your time to express to your manager what’s on your mind, brainstorm ideas, and communicate your future goals.

1:1 serves as a place to share open and honest feedback and build your dream career.

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Remember that 1:1 is a 2-way street. So if you have things to tell and questions to ask, this is your chance and Alina can give you more tips about how to lead a conversation to your advantage, she is very good at it, believe me If you have any other questions just contact us on Slack under “People Insider – Your Learning Zone ”

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