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In previous issues, we were writing a lot about how to maintain your mental health. In the next ones, we'll focus on your physical health. Three factors that impact your physical health the most are food, sleep and excercise. Let's start with the easiest one – food.

There is no magic food that will protect you against coronavirus, but there are nutrients that will keep your immune system strong. These are the five types of nutrients and which foods to find them in:

1. Vitamin C – citric fruits, red and green peppers, broccoli

2. Vitamin E – almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts

3. Vitamin D – mushrooms, eggs, cheese and tofu

4. Zinc – baked beans, cashews, chickpeas

5. Carotenoids – carrots, kale, apricots

6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids – oily fish, flax seeds, walnuts

Remember, to ensure you're getting the right level of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, try filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruits.

If your May 1-st meals did not look at all like this one described by Martina, contact her to ask how many days you should keep diet! Take care next one is even more difficult – Sleep and … EX ER CI SE! Therefore, ask her now, when at least you have some decent questions about food, or later, on the slack platform under “People Insider– Well-being Tips” PS: For those of you with kids, eating the remaining half banana, 1/3 of the apple from yesterday and 2 cherry tomatoes doesn’t qualify for any of the 6 types of nutrients described above!

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