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Our Super Departments

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Each week we will share with you a department and the role it plays within our organisation. This week its Business Intelligence and we’ll get to see a day in their lives!

The phone vibrates. It’s early morning and the sun is still not up. First notifications are being received. Quality checks sent by the system and inspected by the Data teams in Bucharest and Zagreb. All is well with the database today; we can welcome everybody in the company to browse the reports on The day can start!

(Did you know that the Data universe at Superbet is comprised by a Superbet Business Intelligence team driven by Andrei Popa in Bucharest and a Data Engineering and Data Science team in Zagreb lead by Luka Postruzin? Stay tuned and in our future editions of People Insider will find more about Luka & his team)

Breakfast coffee. The automated reporting-emails are going to our #supercolleagues telling the stories and adventures of previous day for Online and Retail, for Romania and Poland, for Gaming or Sports. Highlights of yesterday in a digital form!

Day slowly gets to its natural pace. Superbet BI internal meeting. We start a new Sprint today and Andrei the leader of the pack, Ionela the sprinter, Alex the heavy lifter and Elena the marathonist must decide which project goes first. Is it CRM analysis of welcome bonus or Customer Support reporting? Should we put the Retail in-depth monitoring of omnichannel clients ahead of the Online X-sell segmentation? At least we all agree that for the time being we need to #stayhome.

Always good to have another look at the Analytics Strategy document that we’ve built for 2020 and the 4 main pillars that the Data universe at Superbet is made of:
- Process and Governance. There can’t be a data roadmap without defining the processes and creating a data governance framework.
- Data Analytics. It’s the way of adding value to business from data via reporting and analysis, bringing insights to areas of the company.
- Business as usual. Superbet never sleeps, various integrations still need to happen, ad hoc requests are always there.
- EDW redesign. The whole remodeling of our Data warehouse is a big challenge, but we need to prepare for the future!

Ok, we got work to do!
Zoom calls starting to pour in, Slack notifications flowing. Marketing, HR, CRM, Finance, Product, Gaming, Sports, Trading, Management, Fraud & Payments, Customer Support…. did we say CRM?
Reports are required, delivering insights on specific topics, pieces of analysis needed. In a nutshell, it's all about the “Let`s ask BI to give us an opinion!”. The avalanche of excel files and SQL queries is flowing in and nothing can stop that. We’re crunching the numbers and have to provide the best results. We thrive on problem solving so keep the tasks & projects coming!
On the outcomes of our work, the business will take some important decisions. Like any other great companies in the world, Superbet is data-driven and we love that.

It’s the end of another busy day in the life of Business Intelligence. Hardest part to be in our shoes as analysts? You always ask yourself questions about data and numbers.

A late-night thought pops in our head: “What would be the distribution of Zodiac signs between our Superbet colleagues?” ?

 Screen Shot 2020 05 04 at 20.38.08

If you want to talk to intelligent people, at least from time to time, now is your chance to talk to people in B.I. Don’t be shy, as you can see from the graphic above, we are almost equally split, so there are chances you’ll find someone compatible with your sign. If Andreea Ciubuc cannot answer ALL your question or cannot find in Superbet someone that can, it means that the answer doesn’t exist! So, shoot all your questions for the most intelligent Department in Superbet on Slack under “People Insider – Our Super Departments”

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