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Each week we will also share with you a department and the role it plays within our organisation. This week its Marketing Department!.

 „Under fire” more than ever during this lockdown, the marketing department faces daily challenges in a dynamic environment, making every Superbet product become a need for the customers, an experience that doesn’t bring them just “BETTERtainment”, but a frequent confirmation of their skills as strategists, sports fans, responsible players and to make them feel that SuperLuck makes the difference and when it chooses them, they better be playing with Superbet.

Driven by passion, dedication and ambition, our experienced Marketing team is currently equally focused on the ACQUISITION of new players, team led by Iulian Dumitru, on the RETENTION of existing (CRM) and special (VIP) customers, teams led by Adrian Caprita, on the CONTENT fabrication for all our properties, team led by Horia Nistor, on the on BRAND/CREATIVE artwork, including the very design of this e-mail you just received, team led by Alin Cozachevici, as well as on the preparation RETAIL shops reopening, team led by Alina Pupaza. The Romania-based team is also cooperating well with our Polish marketing troops, led by Wojciech Krzyminski.

In these rough times for our business as a whole, we are registering record numbers in new players signing up and depositing with Superbet, the people doing the hard work behind that being Iulian, Sorina, Alin and Horia. In a period in which it’s very hard to keep people playing, our retention and reactivation efforts are driven with immense success by Adi, Dragos, Anca, Ramona and Renata. Our most valuable players have been proving daily to be the most loyal ones and this thanks to our young, devoted and persuasive VIP customer care agents Virginia, Andreea, Georgiana, Ramona and the two Bogdans. When we look around in the feeds of the major sports websites or our very own apps, site and social media, we see great content pieces and posts signed by Superbet, we actually observe the work of Alex, Gigi, Silviu, Vlad, Ana, Sonia and Lucian Lipovan and his never resting army of content writers. If you like the way our brand looks and feels on TV, digital media and any other media, this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Alin and Catalin, together with Cristi’s creative machine that has powered Superbet since its very beginning and the committed assistance of our partner agency Rusu + Bortun, who made us stand from the crowd with our recent above the line communication. As we are looking to build a strong omnichannel brand, our department wouldn’t be omni without Alina, Marius and Andrei, who are working towards understanding our business as a whole and preparing a full force return once our shops reopen, in our aim to offer the best possible retail user experience. Our colleagues from Poland, Woj, Adrian and Radek are our extended hands and minds on the first new market that we are getting to know better every day.

Superbet’s vision, as you all know, is to become the most important sports betting company in the Eastern Europe in the upcoming years, with the long-term goal go be a major player in the Betting & Gambling industry worldwide, during its second decade since founding. All this SuperJourney of Superbet brand and products is being guarded and capitalised upon by the Marketing Department who makes sure to transform the experience of playing with Superbet into a daily habit, a social habit for our customers and into a responsible way of enjoying passion for sports, casino and all our existing and future product verticals.

The Marketing Department is also bringing everything- from our business model to our core values to our company culture - into a harmonious agreement. We are speaking of an alignment between product teams, legal, operations, trading, HR and other departments, no matter if they sit in Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Cyprus or the UK. The distance is not an issue, mostly because #togetherwearesuper :)

With us, as with any department, bringing the team's culture and the actions of each employee need to be in line with the department's goals and objectives, which gets us to the men who guide all the teams from the Marketing department and who are the ones who have to take care all our crazy and high goals are reached: the ex-basketball coach and one of the best industry professionals in Romania - Vlastimir Vukadinovic, our Country Marketing Manager for online and retail and of course, last but not least, our charismatic and experienced leader, John Harmander, our Group Chief Marketing Officer.

If you see too many words starting with Super- in this article, note that they aren’t mistakes, it’s the way we speak, we write and we draw, we all got superfond of it and we are superspreading this superway of just being super in everything we do every day, to all of you!


Stay Safe! Be Kind!

Together we are Super!

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