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Your Learning Zone - Virtual Meetings Etiquette

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The most important thing to remember when you are in a virtual meeting is the fact are in a meeting.

The general approach to a virtual meeting should be the same approach to an in-person meeting, therefore, there are several main do’s and don’ts of video conference etiquette: 

 The Do’s:

  • Do speak clearly    
  • Do keep body movements minimal     
  • Do maintain eye contact by looking into the camera    
  • Do dress appropriately, at least on the upper body
    but more important than everything: Do be authentic and enjoy it!

The Don'ts:

  • Don’t take phone calls
  • Don’t get up and walk around the room
  • Don’t leave the meeting without announcing your intention
  • Don't make distracting sounds as chewing gum or eating 

But more important: do not launch right into the task, but break the ice by going around the "virtual" room and asking everyone share something about themselves or talk about something they're looking forward to, to add a social element to the proceedings and in order to not affect the relationship building.

And remember: Communication is simply more effective when faces are visible in the meetings: non-verbal clues can be picked up and we do know that 93% of a communication in the non-verbal one.

However, a great virtual meeting doesn’t happen without intentionality and effort. 

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