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You might already know, but we are glad to start by telling you that our Customer Support Team has won multiple awards in Romanian Betting & Gaming industry, adding to this list of accolades its first international trophy in 2019 at the C.E.E.G.C. Budapest 2020, the most important award ceremony in the Central & Eastern Europe.

 We bet that this is the Supermoment to speak about them, since Wednesday April 15 was the all time record on Superbet.ro (even compared to non Corona days). And you are right! On the frontline of this performance are our colleagues from the Customer Service Department who are 24/7 in direct contact with our players. 

They know almost all the answers requested by our customers, and in many cases, they can solve many problems in a matter of seconds. They are an important asset for us. A living proof that we are a customer centric organization and these times are not a threat but an opportunity.

Being in such a direct contact with the customers means that you have to be its mentor, its coach, its best friend, you have to play different roles and to adapt to each client. Imagine how entertaining but also challenging their daily work is. 

The key role of Customer Service department both in Romania and Poland is to increase customer loyalty, to generate positive word-of-mouth about our company and this will mean that happy customers will wager more money, will play more often and will bring other customers. 

Customer Support department is led by Ramona Florescu (Head of Customer Service), as part of Ciprian Lazar’s team.

Ana (Customer Service Manager), Adela (Customer Self Service Executive), Mirela (Customer Self Service Executive), Alina (Customer Self Service Executive).

Rodica (Customer Support Supervisor), Laura (Customer Support Team Leader), Cristina (Customer Support Team Leader), Sylvia (Customer Support Team Leader),  Iulia (Customer Support Trainer & QA).

Customer Support SuperAgents:

Corina, Delia, Mădălina, Monica, Andreea, Diana, Iulia, Bianca, Luiza, Alexandra, Lorena, Mălina, Cristina, Georgiana, Cătălina, Selena, Mioara, Rodica, Elena, Vlad, Georgian, Cătălin, Marius, Alexandru, Valentin, Adrian, Cristian, Dominika, Weronika, Marika, Angelika, Daria, Anna

What a SuperLineUp! We are grateful to each and one of them for their day by day passion and dedication!

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