Today we give you in “Getting to Know” – Sacha Dragic – And please feel free to add new questions that you find interesting, Luck13 might become Lucky 15, or Lucky 20, you decide what you want to know about your fellows Superbeters.

Laughter Will Keep Your Team Connected. Laughter is known to be physically and mentally good for you. But it is primarily a social activity, and in a world working from home, where social contact with colleagues takes place virtually through video conferences, it will not occur spontaneously. It is up to leaders to make laughter happen. Read more

Premier League returns on June 17 with Liverpool expected to be crowned Champions for the first time in the Premier League’s era. It will be Reds’ first title in 30 years! FA Cup will resume on June 27 with the Quarter Finals where Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal are favourites to reach the semi-finals which will be played - just like the final - on Wembley!

We are glad to spread the good news that all is fine in Poland, the first country where we have reopened our retail shops. All the measures we have taken to have our team & clients safe worked.

Biggest online Jackpot in Romania was hit again on our online casino. A player from Craiova hit 1.484.181 Lei (that’s almost 300.000 Euros) at Shining Crown.

We have launched a new product. An enhanced odd for a group of markets combined in one bet.

This week we shine a light on our brave Retail team who has returned like the market leader does: in full force. With 221.281 tickets placed in the first day of the grand reopening! Our Superbetters became stronger after experiencing during lockdown an emotional journey that for sure, shaped our lives in many ways. A difficult time that showed who true characters really are and how they act. And our retail team has proved to be strong and willing to adapt to this new reality.

Want to join our Team and coordinate People Insider and many other communication channels with our organization?

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